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Sigismund Neukomm
Missa Solemnis y Requiem

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Sigismund Neukomm fue uno de los personajes más notables de la escena musical romántica temprana. Tras empezar como alumno de Johann Michael Haydn, acabó por entrar en contacto con casi todos los compositores importantes de la época. En 1817, un año después de mudarse a Río de Janeiro, Neukomm compone esta monumental Missa Solemnis a la que se suma el fascinante Requiem publicado dos décadas más tarde. Un descubrimiento.


Choeur de Chambre de Namur (Missa solemnis)
Ensemble vocal de l’Océan Indien (Requiem)
La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy
Jean-Claude Malgoire dirección

Live recording at Église Notre Dame des Anges, Tourcoing (France) on 3 & 5 October 2008 (CD 1)
Live recording at Église Saint-Martin de Hoff, Sarrebourg (France) on 6 July 2008 (CD 2)
Recording producer: Olivier Lautem (CD 1), Manuel Mohino (CD 2)
Editor: Michael Sawall
Front illustration: “Allegory of the virtues of Prince Regent John VI of Portugal”, Domingos Sequiera c 1810, Palácio de Queluz, Lisbon (Portugal)
Layout: Joachim Berenbold
CD manufactured in The Netherlands
2008 + 2009 K617
Licensed by Phaia Music

Sigismund Neukomm (1778-1858)

CD 1
Missa Solemnis
pro Die Acclamationis Johannis VI
1 Kyrie 6:43
2 Gloria 4:23
3 Laudamus te 6:14
4 Adoramus te 3:59
5 Gratias agimus tibi 9:22
6 Domine Deus 7:05
7 Qui tollis 5:28
8 Quoniam 4:25
9 Cum Sancto Spiritu 4:28
10 Credo 3:36
11 Et incarnatus 5:23
12 Et resurrexit 3:45
13 Sanctus 1:06
14 Benedictus 1:49
15 Agnus Dei 3:22   

CD 2 
1 Requiem æternam dona eis Domine 3:29
2 Kyrie eleison 3:44
3 Dies iræ 2:40
4 Recordare Jesu pie 2:31
5 Lacrymosa dies illa 1:41
6 Domine Jesu Christe 1:19
7 Hostias et præces tibi 1:51
8 Sanctus & Benedictus 0:48
9 Pie Jesu 4:10
10 Agnus Dei 4:46
11 Libera me 4:34
12 De profundis 5:15

13 Marche funèbre & Miserere 22:23   

2 CD - DDD - 2h 10´

RESEÑA (La Quinta de Mahler)

Almost forgotten nowadays, the composer Sigismund Neukomm was extremely famous in his own time. Already, even when Beethoven was still alive, it was a mass by Neukomm that was chosen for the commemoration of the death of Louis XVI at the Congress of Vienna (1815). It was also Neukomm who was commissioned to write the Te Deum performed at Notre-Dame for Louis XVIII’s solemn entry into Paris in 1814. And it was he who was invited to conduct Mozart’s ‘Coronation’ Mass and Requiem at the unveiling of the monument to the composer in Salzburg in 1842. 

In the course of an exceptionally rich and eventful life, Neukomm regularly rubbed shoulders not only with the great musical personalities of his time, including Cherubini, Choron, Grétry, Dussek, Chopin, Beethoven, Sir Julius Benedict, Thalberg, Czerny, Mendelssohn, and Fétis, but also with eminent political figures. He had always been something of a courtier. At the age of twenty-six, already a wellknown recitalist, he played at the Salzburg court at the prince’s request; this was in 1804, shortly before his departure for his first long foreign trip, to Russia, where he stayed four years. While still a boy, Neukomm had studied in Salzburg with Michael Haydn for several years, before moving to Vienna in 1797. He stayed there nearly seven years as an admiring and loyal pupil of Joseph Haydn, whom he called familiarly ‘Papa’. 

Neukomm arrived in France in 1809. In 1812, on the death of Dussek, Neukomm became resident musician to Talleyrand. On the latter’s recommendation he set out for Brazil in 1816, on a diplomatic mission headed by the Duc de Luxemburg. He was only supposed to remain there a few months, but having decided not to return to Europe with the duke and to accept the post of composer to the court of Portugal (then resident in Rio de Janeiro), he prolonged his stay in South America for five years. In 1821, driven away by the revolutionary movements which were to lead to Brazilian independence the following year, Neukomm returned to Europe. 

But his return from Brazil was only the start of Neukomm’s journeys. He was to travel the length and breadth of Europe all his life, never stopping more than a few weeks in one town. In 1834, Neukomm made a voyage to Africa. Neukomm continued to travel round Europe until his death, playing and conducting his compositions and overseeing editions of his works. His lifespan of almost eighty years, something of a record in nineteenth-century terms, gave him the time not only to travel and to frequent personalities of all kinds, but above all to compose prolifically. Although figures concerning his output remain imprecise, it is estimated that it could run to no fewer than two thousand pieces.

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